Hardware vs Software

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Hardware refers to the physical components of a computer. Computer Hardware is any part of the computer that we can touch these parts. These are the primary electronic devices used to build up the computer. Software is a collection of instructions, procedures, and documentation that performs different tasks on a computer system. we can say also Computer Software is a programming code executed on a computer processor.

Difference between hardware and software are stated below

Basic DefinitionHardware is a physical part of the computer that causes the processing of data.Software is a set of instructions that tells a computer exactly what to do.
DevelopmentIt is manufactured.It is developed and engineered.
DependencyHardware cannot perform any task without software.The software can not be executed without hardware.
Process of creatingElectronic and other materials are used to create hardware.Created by utilizing a computer language to write instructions.
TangibleHardware is tangible as hardware is a physical electronic device, that can be touched.Software is intangible as we can see and also use the software but can’t touch them.
DurabilityHardware typically wears out over time. The software does not wear out with time.However, it may contain flaws and glitches.
TypesIt has four main categories: input devices, output devices, storage, and internal components.It is mainly divided into System software and Application software.
Virus effectHardware is not affected by computer viruses.Software is affected by computer viruses.
TransferIt cannot be transferred from one place to another electrically through the network.It can be transferred via a network means.
Machine-Level languageOnly machine-level language is known to be understood by hardware.The program accepts human-readable input, interprets it in machine-level language, and sends it to hardware for additional processing.
ReplacementIf hardware is damaged, it is replaced with a new one.If the software is damaged, its backup copy can be reinstalled.
FailuresDust, overheating, dust, and other factors are commonly responsible for hardware failures.Overloading, systematic error, major-minor version error, and other factors are commonly responsible for software failures.
ExamplesEx: Keyboard, Mouse, Monitor, Printer, CPU, Hard disk, RAM, ROM, etc.Ex: MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Photoshop, MySQL, etc.
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