List vs Tuple

Posted September 8, 2022 by Rohith and Anusha ‐ 1 min read

List and Tuple in Python are the classes of Python Data Structures. The list is dynamic, whereas the tuple has static characteristics. This means that lists can be modified whereas tuples cannot be modified, the tuple is faster than the list because of static in nature. Lists are denoted by the square brackets but tuples are denoted as parenthesis.

Important differences between list and tuple are stated below

Lists are mutableTuples are immutable
The implication of iterations is Time-consumingThe implication of iterations is comparatively Faster
The list is better for performing operations, such as insertion and deletion.Tuple data type is appropriate for accessing the elements
Lists consume more memoryTuple consumes less memory as compared to the list
Lists have several built-in methodsTuple does not have many built-in methods.
The unexpected changes and errors are more likely to occurIn tuple, it is hard to take place.
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