Parquet Avro Type Mapping

Posted August 17, 2022 by Rohith ‐ 1 min read

Avro and Parquet are used in many data processing frameworks like kafka, spark, etc. It is important to know the data types supported in avro and parquet data format. In this article, we will list the avro and parquet data type mapping.

Read about Parquet Data Types

Read about Avro Data Types

The following table lists the Avro and Parquet data types mapping

Parquet Data TypeAvro Data Type
int96not supported
binary (with no original type)bytes
binary (with original type UTF8)string
binary (with original type ENUM)string
group (with original type LIST) containing one repeated group fieldarray
group (with original type MAP) containing one repeated group field (with original type MAP_KEY_VALUE) of (key, value)map
avro parquet data-types transformations

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