Role of K8s Controller Manager

Posted May 6, 2023 by Rohith ‐ 1 min read

The Controller Manager is a core component of the Kubernetes control plane that runs the controllers responsible for maintaining the desired state of the cluster.

The Controller Manager is responsible for deploying and managing a set of controllers that monitor the state of the cluster and reconcile any differences between the current state and the desired state.

Each controller in Kubernetes is responsible for managing a specific type of resource, such as Deployments, ReplicaSets, and Services. The Controller Manager deploys and manages these controllers, which run as separate processes, to ensure that the desired state of the cluster is maintained.

The Controller Manager also handles scaling of resources based on load or other criteria. For example, the Horizontal Pod Autoscaler controller scales the number of pods in a deployment or replicaset based on metrics such as CPU utilization or custom metrics.

Overall, the Controller Manager plays a critical role in ensuring that the state of a Kubernetes cluster remains consistent with the desired state defined by the administrator or developer.

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