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A tree is a non-linear data structure that represents the hierarchy. A tree is a collection of nodes that are linked together to form a hierarchy. A graph is like a tree data structure is a collection of objects or entities known as nodes that are connected to each other through a set of edges. A tree follows some rule that determines the relationship between the nodes, whereas graph does not follow any rule that defines the relationship among the nodes. A graph contains a set of edges and nodes, and edges can connect the nodes in any possible way.

Differences between Tree and Graph are stated below

Basis for comparisonTreeGraph
DefinitionTree is a non-linear data structure in which elements are arranged in multiple levels.A Graph is also a non-linear data structure.
StructureIt is a collection of edges and nodes. For example, node is represented by N and edge is represented as E, so it can be written as: T = {N,E}It is a collection of vertices and edges. For example, vertices are represented by V, and edge is represented as ‘E’, so it can be written as: T = {V, E}
Root nodeIn tree data structure, there is a unique node known as a parent node. It represents the topmost node in the tree data structure.In graph data structure, there is no unique node.
Loop formationIt does not create any loop or cycle.In graph, loop or cycle can be formed.
Model typeIt is a hierarchical model because nodes are arranged in multiple level, and that creates a hierarchy. For example, any organization will have a hierarchical model.It is a network model. For example, facebook is a social network that uses the graph data structure.
EdgesIf there are n nodes then there would be n-1 number of edges.The number of edges depends on the graph.
Type of edgeTree data structure will always have directed edges.In graph data structure, all the edges can either be directed edges, undirected edges, or both.
ApplicationsIt is used for inserting, deleting or searching any element in tree.It is mainly used for finding the shortest path in the network.
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