Introduction to DSA

A data structure is a group of data elements that provides the easiest way to store and perform different actions on the data of the computer. A data structure is a particular way of organizing data in a computer so that it can be used effectively. The idea is to reduce the space and time complexities of different tasks. The choice of a good data structure makes it possible to perform a variety of critical operations effectively. An efficient data structure also uses minimum memory space and execution time to process the structure.

What Is Data

Data is the collection of different numbers, symbols, and alphabets to represent information.

What is Data Structure

  • A data structure is a storage that is used to store and organize data in memory.

  • It is a way of arranging data on a computer so that it can be accessed and updated efficiently.

  • A data structure is not only used for organizing the data. It is also used for processing, retrieving, and storing data.

  • There are different basic and advanced types of data structures that are used in almost every program or software system that has been developed.

  • So we must have good knowledge about data structures.

Type Of Data Structure

Linear Data Structure Non-Linear Data Structure.

Linear Data Structure

Elements are arranged in one dimension, also known as linear dimension.

Example: lists, stack, queue, etc.

Non-Linear Data Structure

Elements are arranged in one-many, many-one and many-many dimensions.

Example: tree, graph, table, etc.

Use Of Data Structure

Data structures are used in various fields such as

  • Operating system

  • Graphics

  • Computer Design

  • Blockchain

  • Genetics

  • Image Processing

  • Simulation.

Difference Between Data Type And Data Structure

Data TypeData Structure
The data type is the form of a variable to which a value can be assigned. It defines that the particular variable will assign the values of the given data type only.Data structure is a collection of different kinds of data. That entire data can be represented using an object and can be used throughout the program.
It can hold value but not data. Therefore, it is data less.It can hold multiple types of data within a single object.
The implementation of a data type is known as abstract implementation.Data structure implementation is known as concrete implementation.
There is no time complexity in the case of data types.In data structure objects, time complexity plays an important role.
In the case of data types, the value of data is not stored because it only represents the type of data that can be stored.While in the case of data structures, the data and its value acquire the space in the computer’s main memory. Also, a data structure can hold different kinds and types of data within one single object.
Data type examples are int, float, double, etc.Data structure examples are stack, queue, tree, etc.

Need For Data Structures

The structure of the data and the synthesis of the algorithm are relative to each other. Data presentation must be easy to understand so the developer, as well as the user, can make an efficient implementation of the operation. Data structures provide an easy way of organizing, retrieving, managing, and storing data.

Here is the list of the needs for data structures.

  • Data structure modification is easy.

  • It requires less time.

  • Save storage memory space.

  • Data representation is easy.

  • Easy access to the large database.

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