Introduction To SQL

What Is SQL & What It Does

Structured Query Language (abbreviated SQL, pronounced to rhyme with equal) is a computer language for communication with databases. The communicating parties are typically a front-end which sends a SQL Statement across a connection to a back-end that holds the data.

SQL Limitations

SQL is a declarative language. It makes life easier to mannage data but gives very little control over to manipulate how it does it. And there are many limitnations to SQL.

History of SQL

Deep in the sense that it is implemented at many levels of database communication, from a simple Access form list box right up to high- volume communications between mainframes. SQL is widely implemented in that almost every DBMS supports SQL statements for communication. The reason for this level of acceptance is partially explained by the amount of effort that went into the theory and development of the standards.

Flavors of SQL

There are different versions (or flavors) of SQL. Some of the best known are SQL Server, PostgreSQL, Oracle, MySQL, and SQLite

Working of SQL

SQL is the most common language for extracting and organising data that is stored in a relational database. A database is a table that consists of rows and columns. SQL is the language of databases. It facilitates retrieving specific information from databases that are further used for analysis.

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